Quro Payroll Processing
Is Payroll Processing a headache that you would rather avoid? Does it eat into your time and resources?
If your answer to these disturbing questions is yes, then you can heave a sigh of relief. You have come to the right place. Quro Payroll Processing is the most stable and competent solution. We will transform your payroll processing from a major headache to a hassle free and speedy process. We offer accurate and timely processing of your payroll alongwith all statutory compliances.
Key Advantages
Accurate Timely Secured All statutory compliances Cloud based SS Module

We are now in this industry since close to 30 years and have a long list of illustrious clients.

It is not feasible and commercially viable for many organizations to have dedicated staff exclusively to look after payroll activities. Usually these jobs are entrusted to accounts department executives & staff. These employees have other core matters to attend to as well and because of this ‘mixed’ priorities, accuracy and timely delivery of Payroll is compromised. Besides, the organization has to have a payroll package to take care of all the complexities of this function.

By entrusting QURO with processing, you gain a twofold advantage. You get specialized payroll service rendered by qualified and experienced personnel and secondly, your staff is relieved of these matters and their services can be utilized for other more suitable jobs.

Payroll outsourcing comes bundled with Quro Payroll Self-Service, which is a hosted solution. The application sits in the Cloud. The ‘processed’ payroll data is uploaded by us. All your employees get 24 X 7, secured access to their on salary and IT computation data. All future upgrades are deployed remotely. Only infrastructure you need is an internet connection

Quro Payroll Self Service helps organizations to run business smoother, faster and more efficiently. It allows employees to access own data at their convenience, online or via their smartphone / tablet, anytime, anywhere. So, at work place, all your employees are empowered to focus on business objectives and bottom-line results.

With ‘go green’ revolution, Self Service provides the paperless solution, saving time, money and optimizing man power resources.

Key Capabilities
  • Accurate & Timely Processing of Payroll

  • Conveniently accessed on-the-go from any web-enabled device

  • Prompt communication to employees

  • On-line employee access to Pay slips / IT computation

  • Reduce paper waste, delivery costs, and the administration hassle of distributing pay slips

  • HR can provide satisfactory services to more employees without additional departmental headcount

  • Instead of being bogged down by compliance & clerical work, HR can play a strategic corporate role.

  • Salary Statement / Summary, Bank Statements & other monthly statements such as PF, Prof. Tax

  • Reconciliation Statement

  • All reports in PDF format

  • Full & Final Settlement

  • Any other MIS report

  • Scope of Work
    • Starting
      1. Master Creation:
        • Master Data: Complete list of all Employees with all required details.
        • Monthly Data: All previous months salary data for the current financial year.
    • Monthly
      1. New Employees:
        • Master Data: Complete list of New Employees.
        • Previous Employment: Previous months consolidated data for the current financial year.
      2. Left Employees:
        • Date of Leaving: Date of Leaving with arrears (if any).
        • Investment Details: Final investments detais.
      3. Montly Data:
        • Variable Data: Leave without pay, Overtime Hours, Advances etc.
      4. Processing Parameters:
        • Index for Variable D.A.
    • Processing
      1. Processing: Based on the data provided, payroll will be processed for current month.
      2. Reconciliation: Detailed comparison vis a vis the previous month's Payroll.
      3. Reprocessing: In case of any wrong / missing data.
      4. Confirmation: Salary processed correctly and ready to disburse.
    • Reporting
      1. Statements: Bank Staement, Salary Statemnt, PT / ESIC / PF etc.
      2. Salary Slip: Intimation to employess to view / print through cloud based SS web Interface.
      3. IT Computation: Through cloud based SS web Interface.
      4. PF File: For direct uploading for PF challan generation.
      5. IT Compliance: Quaterly Form 24Q, Digitally signed Form 16 & 12bA.
    • Income Tax Management
    • Perquisites Management
    • Loan Management
    • Leave Management
    • Employee Interactive Web Module
      1. Access
        1. Administrator Login
          • Payroll administrator will have a complete control and total access to all employees’ data. Administrator will also have control over assigning user name/password and allowing access to different employees / managers.
        2. Manager Login
          • Allows manager to view data of employees under assigned branch / department.
        3. Employee Login
          • Allows access to data pertaining only to the particular employee.
      2. Personal information
        1. Access and if required update personal information, such as address, phone number, family details etc.
      3. Reimbursement
        1. Employee can view Reimbursement limit and availed details like LTA, Medical, Petrol Allowance etc.
      4. Salary Data
        1. View / Print Salary slip of any month within the financial year.
        2. Self Service is a secure application ensuring your payslips are kept strictly confidential.
        3. Month wise salary statement
        4. Direct payment slip
        5. CTC
      5. Income Tax
        1. IT data declared. Employees can fill up investment and other details online.
        2. IT computation based on IT data declared.
        3. IT data Actual. Employees can view investment and other details based on actual proof submitted.
        4. IT computation on IT data actual.
        5. IT Comparison. Comparison report between IT data declared and IT data actual.
      6. Loans
        1. View details of each loan such as opening balance, month wise recovery of principal amount & interest and closing balance.
        2. EMI calculation for New Loan.
      7. Attendance Data
        1. Time Keeping - Time In / Time Out.
        2. Attendance Data.
        3. Attendance Report.
      8. Leave Data
        1. Check leave balance with day wise leave taken chart.
        2. Online leave application and leave cancellation application.
        3. Online leave approval.
        4. Status of leave application for each type of leave.
        5. Branch wise holiday master and weekly off master.
      9. Communications and other features
        1. Send E Mail for any specific requests to Payroll administrator.
        2. Useful links for 26AS, View online EPF Balance, Tax calculator etc.
        3. Common Important announcement, company policy document etc.
        4. The interface is user-friendly & easy to understand.
        5. The theme switcher is good option as the user can customize the color as per their choice.
        6. The dashboard is well designed & also the pane on the left is very handy for quick access to the different options.
        7. Pane on the right, has different tabs which incorporates many links and the icons are easily understandable. Useful links for user.
      10. Implementation
        1. QURO Payroll offers the proven methodologies, advanced software tools, and open technology to get Employee Self-Service up and running quickly.
        2. Once implementation is complete, user training and knowledge management tools, along with a broad range of services and support, ensure that Employee Self-Service performs at the highest levels.
    Why Quro Payroll
    • Implementation & Traning We provide on-site as well as remote implementation and training, based on your convenience. Our support staff is par excellence.
    • User Friendly Software Easy to learn and easy to use.
    • Flexibility Allows user defined headings and outputs in almost all the modules. Allowing you to mould the software to your requirements.
    • Stability Suitable for growing companies, with an increasing workforce. Can handle any number of employees on a single installation.
    • Security & access You can rest assured that all your confidential data will be impenetrable. The payroll administrator can provide different levels of View and Manage access to different people working on the payroll.
    • Easy Portability You can import historic/current data with ease. Our software is also compatible with all smart card systems. Even within the software, it is very easy to move around data, and switch from one related feature to another.
    • Centrally manage HR With all the additional features such as the Employee Web Based Module, Loan Management, Leave Management etc., HR management becomes easier.