Quro Payroll
Is Payroll Processing a headache for your organization? Does it cause panic & anxiety every month?
If your answer to these disturbing questions is yes, then you can heave a sigh of relief. You have come to the right place. Quro Payroll is the most stable and competent payroll software in the market. Our software will transform your payroll processing from a major headache to a hassle free and speedy process. It is an easy to manage software, with very intuitive and ahead of its time features.
Key Advantages
Implementaion & Traning User Friendly Software Flexibility Stability
Security & Access Easy Portability Centrally manage HR

We are now in this industry since close to 30 years and have a long list of illustrious clients.

The continuous satisfaction of a wide spectrum of clientele for more than 30 years is the testimony to our dedication in deployment, data conversion, implementation, after sales support & service.

Functionality, quality and depth of our Payroll Package has grown over the years, based on our experience, customers' feedback and our 'open-minded' approach of ensuring that the package is totally adapted as per customer's requirement.

Our software is divided into various functional modules. If you go over these you will realize that our software does much more than just Payroll Processing. You get a lot of useful features, such as a comprehensive HRIS, Leave Management, Loan Management etc., clubbed with the payroll functionality, all accessible from one central interface.

The following are our Core Modules
  • Employee Master
    1. Easy Creation & Management:
      • Direct Entry: Entirely separate module for faster & convenient entry of new employees. Minimal data entry initially All the relevant data of earning and deduction can be then filled in as per user's convenience.
      • Import: Add New Employee's Data using a flat file [CSV] Transfer data from user's current database to this package Allows user to accept new employee data as a soft copy from H.R. or Administration department.
    2. Information Stored:
      • Basic Details: such as Employee Name, ID, Address, Phone Nos., E Mail, Photo Image.
      • Personal Data: Birth Date, Gender, Marital Status/Marriage Date, Spouse's Name, Dependants, Father's Name, Religion, Permanent Address Emergency Contact, Medical Details.
      • Employment Data: Employment History, Current Employment Details, Academics & Work Info.
      • Category: User Defined Branch, Department, Grade, Cost Code, Location & Category.
      • Hierarchy: Designation, Manager.
      • Disbursement: Payment Mode, Cash Amount, Bank Details Image, Bank Info - User Defined with Branch, Address & Bank ID..
      • Statutory Info: PAN. PF, EPS, ESIC, EDLI, Superannuation, Credit Society, Gratuity Nos.
      • Earnings & Deductions: User defined Name & Abbreviated Name, GL Code, Formulae / Calculations, Options for Taxable / Projection, Options for Rounding Off & Pro-rata deductions [for days absent], Classifications, Fixed [Basic, DA, HRA etc.], Variable [O.T., Allowances, Advance etc.], Additional user defined Earnings & Deductions.
      • Direct Arrears: For any Earning / Deduction / Loan Head, Directly Merged in the respective monthly data.
      • Loans: Complete Loan Details, Sanction Date, Principal, Balance, Monthly Installment, Total Interest Deducted, Monthly Interest and method for interest calculations, Provision for details of direct payments [outside payroll].
      • Direct Arrears: For any Earning / Deduction / Loan Head / Directly Merged in the respective monthly data.
      • LIC: Policy No. / Agency / Premium.
      • Credit Society: Membership Date / Opening Balance, Month-wise details of contribution.
      • Employee Reports: Master Data per Employee, Monthly Data per Employee, Employee Wise / Agency Wise, Insurance Premium, Outside Loan, Credit Society Payments, Others Agency Payments, Letters, Labels, E-Mails, Cost Allocation Reports, Salary Break-up.
      • Additional data: Any other, user defined data.
  • Payroll Processing
    1. Processing Parameters: Index for Variable D.A. Also the no. of working days for the month are taken into account.
    2. Closing of current month: After running this option the variable heads are set to zero. The Loan Balances and Medical Reimbursement Balance are updated to allow data for the next month to be entered.
    3. Processing / Reprocessing: One time processing of the current month. Multiple Reprocessing for Entire Payroll / Selected Employees / Selected Branch / Department / Grade.
    4. Processed Month Changes: Data for previous months can be viewed [For a Month / Multiple Months]; directly changed; Single / Worksheet.
    5. Direct Payments: Additional module is provided for any direct payments/recoveries [outside the payroll]; for a Month / a Period; Bonus, Incentive, LTA, Leave Encashment, Medical Reimbursement, Ex- Gratia, etc.
    6. Recoveries: Advance or IT, if entered through this module, will be a accounted for Income Tax and some other statutory report purposes but will have no impact on monthly payroll.
    7. Reconciliation: This output provides a detailed comparison vis a vis the previous month's Payroll.
  • Income Tax Management
    1. Calculation of Income Tax [TDS]
      • All the parameters affecting IT calculations are considered: Income; Exemptions [HRA, conveyance, Education, Medical, LTA etc.]; Perquisites and deductions under section 88 / 80, etc.
      • Computation of Income Tax including projections: Either spread out the balance Income Tax over the remaining months Or Fully tax the actual earned income up to the current month during the current month.
      • Differential Interest: 10%/13%
      • Common Challan Details
      • IT Challan Acknowledgement
    2. Employee Data
      • Additional Income: Incentive, Reimbursement of HDFC Interest, Gratuity, Other Income.
      • Exemptions:HRA, Conveyance, Education, Medical, LTA, Leave Encashment.
      • Perquisites: Accommodation, Car, Domestic Help, Interest on Loan etc.
      • Deductions: u/s 88, u/s 80, u/s 89
      • Individual Challan Details
  • Perquisites Management
    1. Earning Heads: Medical, Educational & Conveyance Allowances, Leave Encashment, L.T.A., Bonus, and many other user defined heads can also be used for other perquisites like Motor Car Expense, Lunch Reimbursement etc.
    2. Yearly / Monthly: The entire perquisite value can be claimed any time during the year. On a monthly basis, only pro-rata value can be claimed. There is facility to automatically transfer unclaimed balances to a pre-defined earning head.
    3. Limits: For every perquisite head, the total allowable limit for each employee is the total of the brought forward [unused of previous year] and current year limit. At the beginning of a new year these limits can be set with / without previous year brought forward balances.
    4. Multiple Payment options: Through Salary, Arrears or Direct payment.
    5. Automatic Balance Calculations: Irrespective of the method of payment, Quro Payroll keeps a track of the balance perquisite amount and ensures that it does not exceed the limit.
    6. Reports: QURO Payroll generates comprehensive perquisites related reports, which give complete details of allowable perquisite amount, claimed for each month & balance amounts.
  • Loan Management
    1. Fifteen user defined Loan heads
    2. Principal, Balance, Monthly Installment, Total Interest Deducted, Sanction Date, Monthly Interest fields.
    3. Provision for details of direct payments [outside payroll].
    4. New Loan Calculation.
    5. Facility for interest calculations: Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly /Annual / EMI/ No Interest.
    6. Interest is calculated during processing and loan balances are updated on the closing of month.
    7. Differential interest 10% / 13%.
    8. User defined Loan Confirmation Letters.
  • Attendance & Time keeping
    1. Option to either accept direct data entry or accept data from time keeping module.
    2. Automatically mark days as 'un-attended' / weekly off / absent.
    3. Leave application tracking.
    4. Email employee for 'Absent' Days.
    5. Marking of 'Absent' days as per leave application.
    6. User defined formula for work-hours calculation.
    7. Employee wise report for a selected period - for actual hours put in vis-a-vis required hours.
    8. Facility to transfer data to leave module.
    9. Transfer [Import] time keeping data to payroll.
    10. Import feature suitable for any time keeping machine's CSV output.
    11. User defined locations & doors.
    12. Automatic matching of 'In' & 'Out' data.
    13. Automatic validation of mismatched data.
    14. Easy procedure to further manually validate mismatched and overlapping data.
    15. Automatic deletion routines to remove redundant data e.g. zero time, all entries below 5 minutes etc.
    16. Selective display [Location-wise/ Door-wise] for validation.
    17. Employee / Door wise reports.
    18. Multiple reporting options like complete details, day wise totals, period wise totals.
    19. Email reports to employees.
    20. Facility to transfer data from time-keeping module to the attendance module.
  • Leave Management
    1. User defined Leave Category eg. Casual, Optional, Privilege, Sick Leave etc.
    2. Option to Carry Forward Leaves.
    3. Details of Opening Balance of leaves for the year.
    4. Encashed Leaves.
    5. Month-wise details of leaves taken.
    6. Leaves Utilized and Balance Leaves.
    7. Leave Valuation.
  • Report Generation
    1. The package generates all the outputs & statutory reports required to manage payroll processing efficiently – Income Tax Reports, Salary Reports, Loan Reports, Employee Information Reports, Reconciliation Reports, Leave Reports, Perquisite Reports, etc.
    2. Selection of Branch / Department / Grade / Cost code / Location / Category.
    3. Generate report/output even for a selection of employees.
    4. Selection of many other parameters as per requirement.
    5. Outputs can be viewed on Screen, Exported to Printer / HTML / Text Formats / CSV Outputs.
    6. Choice of sort order: Most of the reports can be assigned a user defined sort order of Branch / Department / Grade / Cost code / Location / Category.
    7. Built-in Emailing Facility: Email Salary Slip etc. to the Employees; Email Salary Statement etc. to Branches; Email Salary Disbursement Output to Bank as per the format required by the Bank.
    8. Mail can be setup along with Multiple Formats.
    9. Header / Footer can be User Defined.
    10. Printing Options.
    11. Each report has other user defined options to fine-tune the report as per requirements.
  • Employee Interactive Web Module
    1. Intra-Net / Internet based interface for employee self-service.
    2. Extends the power and functionality of payroll package features to employees: allowing them to view salary data, manage income tax computation etc.
    3. Secure Access with individual user name and password: Payroll administrator controls access and can assign user name/password to employees.
    4. Employees can update personal information: Access and update address, phone number, family details etc.
    5. View Salary Details : Employees can view month-wise salary details.
    6. Extends the power and functionality of payroll package features to employees: allowing them to view salary data, manage income tax computation etc.
    7. Income Tax Computation: Facilities to fill up income tax related details & obtain a revised online income tax computation. Also there is an option to send E Mail to payroll administrator for updating master data.
    8. Perquisites : View the limit, claimed amount & balance of each perquisite.
    9. Loans : View loan status, interest & balance of each loan. EMI calculations for new loan.
    10. Leave : View total leaves allowed, utilized & balance.
    11. Communication : Send E Mail for any specific requests to the payroll administrator.
    12. Implementation :Proven methodologies, advanced software tools, and open technology help to get Employee Interactive Web Module up and running quickly. Once implementation is complete, user training and knowledge management tools, along with a broad range of services and support, ensure that the Employee Interactive Web Module performs at the highest level.
Why Quro Payroll
  • Implementation & Traning We provide on-site as well as remote implementation and training, based on your convenience. Our support staff is par excellence.
  • User Friendly Software Easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Flexibility Allows user defined headings and outputs in almost all the modules. Allowing you to mould the software to your requirements.
  • Stability Suitable for growing companies, with an increasing workforce. Can handle any number of employees on a single installation.
  • Security & access You can rest assured that all your confidential data will be impenetrable. The payroll administrator can provide different levels of View and Manage access to different people working on the payroll.
  • Easy Portability You can import historic/current data with ease. Our software is also compatible with all smart card systems. Even within the software, it is very easy to move around data, and switch from one related feature to another.
  • Centrally manage HR With all the additional features such as the Employee Web Based Module, Loan Management, Leave Management etc., HR management becomes easier.